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Our Process Sets Us Apart

Local Recruiting

We believe that the best ambassadors of the area live, work, and play in the area. We support the local economy by hiring team members from the local community.

Extensive Interview Process

Candidates move through a rigorous, multi-step personal interview process.  Ensuring we provide a polished and friendly team at your event.

Verification Process

Background checks are conducted, and  Certifications are researched, such as CPR and TIPS Certifications are current.

Client-Centric Training

Each of our clients has venue specific operations. In addition to general customer service training, each team member is trained to your particular venue protocols.

The latest technology

Is implemented through every step of the process. From the hiring, onboarding,  payment, and data collection, we embrace the use of technology to streamline operations.

Event Reports and Photos

we prepare event recaps that can be shared with event partners, complete with photos and statistics.

Performance Ratings

We evaluate and track our team members’ performance and request that clients complete post-event follow-up surveys so that we can improve continually working towards operational excellence.

Consistent Team

Our goal is to provide a predictable and productive team that is engaged with guests and ultimately improving the guest experience.