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Our Support Services

Operations Management

Administrative/Office Personnel are available to supplement your team during busy periods of time, vacation, maternity/paternity leave. The team can provide the following roles: 

  • Office Tasks
  • Filing
  • Data Management/Entry
  • Phone Answering
  • Website and Social Media Posting and Monitoring
  • Programs Consultant
  • Volunteer Program
  • Sustainability Program
  • Sponsorship Program

Placement Services

Innovative Team Partners includes the opportunity for placement services in every contract. Often one of our venues/clients wants to include an ITP Team Member on their team on a more permanent basis. If an ITP team member is placed on staff by a client of Innovative Team Partners, within 9 months of their last gig/job with ITP, the client will remit a finder's fee to Innovative Team Partners of 25% of the employee's future annual earnings, no less than $1,250.00. Our clients love this service as they can effectively assess if a potential employee is a good fit for the organization before being bound to a long-term relationship with the employee. Think of our placement services as a long-form interview. We look forward to helping you round out your staff.


Scanning is a key position. This is often the first impression for your guests at the event. We can move your guests through the cue in a productive and expeditious manner while welcoming guests and helping elevate the experience. 

Ticket Sales

Ticket Sales is a critical role at events. Innovative Team Partners will ensure that guests who have not purchased tickets will not be allowed to enter the event. We can help assist in the "will call," process. Our ticket sales team can help process payments and they're fluent in current scanning technology and customer service. 

Patron Services

 If your venue is looking to prevent illness, we can assist in temperature taking and social distancing. 

ID Check: these members of our team have strong eyesight and pay attention to detail. They possess the ability to turn away minors in a firm and empathetic way. 

Backpack Check/Wanding: These services are essential to team/event safety, and ensure the optics of safety are apparent to guests. These team members will help identify outside alcohol/weapons and provide additional patron observation while on site. 

VIP Access/programming/sponsorship assistance is available. Our team members will diplomatically monitor access points and serve as informational resources to VIP guests. We can help distribute swag and implement any special brand activations as needed.

Parking & Traffic

Parking and Traffic Control Attendants assist with the safe passage of pedestrians and cyclists while with providing efficient entry and exit of the premises/venue. 

Patron Observation

We can assist with physical distancing as needed. The Covid-19 Pandemic has taught us so much about hosting safe events. If there is a mandate of space required between household groups we can help disperse groups from congested areas and assist in moving groups to designated areas with ample space. We also can assist with mask compliance and distribution. We will follow all state and local health mandates. 

Public Health

Sanitization/Wiping Down Surfaces we help keep guests safe by frequently sanitizing surfaces. 

Restroom cleaning  we can help ensure guest safety and comfort by providing thorough and frequent cleaning of restroom facilities

Recycling and Sustainability Innovative Team Partners can assist both guests and venues by guiding recycling and gathering/depositing material into containers etc 

Infrastructure Assistance team members can provide event set-up and strike down of components such as fencing/barricades/stantions, tents and weights, signage, tables, chairs, stages etc.